What flavours do you offer?

Vanilla, Rainbow, Chocolate, Marble, Red velvet, Cookies & Cream, Malteser Goodness, Strawberry & Vanilla / Strawberry & Marble and Peanut M & M

You don't have a flavour I'd like, Can you make a new flavour on request?

We aim to meet every customer’s requirement, should there be a flavour you need but isn’t on our site, we would be happy to discuss and make an alternative.

What sizes are your Cakes

Our smallest cake is an extended 6" tier and our largest is 15"

What heights are your Cakes

Depending on the design, our standard height cakes are 3"-4", extended heights are 6"-8" tall

How long will the Cake be fresh for?

Our cakes will keep fresh for at least 3 days, however they should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from a hot environment. Our buttercream/ganache cakes should always be kept in the fridge. In the summer months, when in doubt, we advice that cakes should be cling filmed and then put in the fridge. The cling film is important to keep the cut part from drying out.

Do you do Cake samples?

Yes we do! For our newly weds, we can arrange cake tastings were we discuss cake flavours, frostings, size, shape design etc

Do your Cakes contain alcohol?

Only our Rum Cakes contain alcohol as taht is the style of the cake. None of our other cakes contain alcohol.

Do your Cakes contain nuts?

All our cakes are made in a nut environment and will always contain either whole nut or trace of nut, even when nuts are not one of the main ingredients.

If I send a picture, can you recreate the Cake from the picture?

We would try our best to recreate from any images you send to us. However, please note that as these Cakes are not machine made, there may be a slight difference.

How much notice do you require?

For wedding Cakes, it's helpful to get as much notice as possible- the usual notice we have is between 1-12 months. The more notice we have, the more attention it's possible to devote to your Cake, as most Cakes involve pre-planning. For all other cakes, 1 week to 6 months is the norm. We are however sometimes able to accomodate short notice cakes.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

If you pay a deposit, you automatically save a slot for you for that day. This is why we advice that a deposit (even as low as £50) be put down in order to ensure you are able to secure availability. Balance is normally due at least 2 weeks to the event.

What are you delivery charges/options?

Delivery charges are dependent on your location and distance from RM20 3AN. The options available are pick up from our location, delivery to your venue or you can send an Uber driver to pick up from our location as well. This option is actually very popular and we have never had issues using this means.

How do I pay for my Cake?

Our preffered payment method is BACS (payment into our bank account). However, we are also able to accept cash from clients who come for a cake tasting. Balance for the Cake in any option is due at least 2 weeks before the event.