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Welcome to London City Cakes!

London City Cakes is a family owned business established in 2007. All our cakes are baked and decorated with you, our customer in mind. We know you expect our best at all times, therefore, we never use any pre-boxed mixes so you can rely on the flavour and final outcome being customised to suit your tastes. Our helpful staff are always on hand to help, be it for customers that don’t know where to start with the cake they want, or customers that want different elements of our vast cake designs incorporated into their one order.

We have a very open mind and will always advise you appropriately. A large part of our success is due to our return customers. Our customers return to us and spread the word about us not just because we are affordable and our cakes are showstoppers but importantly because of the taste of our cakes and the overall satisfaction we strive hard to provide for ALL customers.

We create cakes from scratch, that’s true! But we also honour and celebrate your occasions and accomplishments by creating show stopping centrepieces for your most important celebrations. Every occasion that is important to you, is important to us. So, let us help you celebrate not only the big celebrations; the weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, but also the little things that matter; like the driving test pass, the 1 st tooth lost, or simply just because! We have come a long way, and it’s all thanks to you, our wonderful customers.

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