Product Information – London City Cakes

Product Information

All our cakes are baked from scratch using fresh ingredients. As all of our cakes are decorated by hand , the final product will vary from time to time. Please bear in mind that the images on our site are for display purposes and to guide you on choosing a cake suitable for your occasion.

They are not fully representative of what the end product will be. We would however bake your cake with the flavours you have specified and decorate them as close to the option chosen as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority and we always strive hard to make you happy with the final outcome.


The following storage methods are our best recommendations for storing your cakes. To retain freshness once cut, all cakes should be stored in air-tight containers. Cupcakes are best eaten on day of collection, but should be fine within 48 hours of purchase.

Cakes should be stored in a room free from dust and heat. It can be kept in the kitchen only if cooking won’t be done as the heat generated in the kitchen isn’t suitable for cakes. All buttercream cakes should be kept in the fridge.


Please note that although a cake may not contain nuts, all items are made in a kitchen that handles nuts and some ingredients may also have been made in a factory that handles nuts as well.

All our cakes contain eggs. We do not make cakes that are suitable for dairy allergies. With the exception of our fruit cakes which contains alcohol, all our other cakes do not contain alcohol.

 Although extra care is taken during our baking, sometimes, a piece of eggshell, fruits’ skin or other ingredient from our recipe can find its way into our cakes. To store left over cake, cut left overs into slices, wrap in cling film, then foil and then freeze. To eat, bring cake out and leave on the countertop overnight or for a few hours