Flavours – London City Cakes



Vanilla– This is not your run of the mill vanilla cake, this is a honest to goodness moist & yummy cake that goes with all kinds of fillings.

RAINBOW– Our rainbow cakes are made using our vanilla batter but coloured in colours of your choice. Depending on the size of your cake, we can create your cake either as a colour for each layer or as a swirly rainbow fun cake!

Chocolate– We use the best type of cocoa and chocolate (usually Belgian) to achieve the unique taste of our chocolate cakes

Marble– This is our most ordered cake flavour. It’s the perfect go to choice for customers that cannot choose between our vanilla and chocolate cake. With our marble cake, you get to have the best of both worlds!

Red Velvet– You wouldn’t find a more moist & fluffy red velvet cake. Made with Belgian chocolate, buttermilk and high quality ingredients, our red velvet is a very popular choice with our customers.

Cookies & Cream–  This cake uses our fluffy vanilla cake as a base but has Oreo cookies incorporated in the batter to produce a rich vanilla yet chocolatey taste.

Malteser Goodness– Do you love the taste of Horlicks & Maltesers? Then this is your cake. Loads of Maltesers go into every batter to help us achieve this very popular cake flavour.

Strawberry & Vanilla / Strawberry & Marble– Like the name suggests, this cake takes our vanilla / marble cake to a whole other level. We use our secret recipe strawberry sauce to create a very delicious strawberry batter and swirl it with our vanilla or marble batter.

Peanut M & M– Do you love peanuts & have a sweet tooth? This may just be your cake! This fluffy and flavour packed cake really would surprise & please your taste buds.